Denise uses a spirit, mind, and body holistic approach when creating events, travel journeys, and in life and career consulting with the end goal of inspiring other souls to awaken and rediscover who they truly are and why they are here.



Who I Am

For years, I have been holding safe space for others to feel comfortable and secure enough to lay down the masks they hide behind, no matter how overwhelming it may feel so they can get the clarity they need to be at peace, live a healthy, happy fulfilled life with joy. Regardless of the family, cultural or societal pressures. To have the best tools to cope and process on a minute, hourly, and daily basis all while being fearless, confident, and staying balanced. You have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first!

Before my grandfather passed in 2001, he asked me "Do you know who you are and why you are here?" I have been on a mission to understand, own, accept and unapologetically BE who I am and to live my life fully ever since. More often than not, searching for the answers externally always seemed to lead me further and further away from what brought me joy. Being who I AM versus who others wanted me to be kept me bounded. My life changed when I chose to listen and be guided by my inner voice and stop doing what I was “conditioned” to do.

As I become more aware or conscious of my inner voice and power, the moment I stray from that space, I am plagued with the internal conflict that manifests in insecurity, fear, unhealthy thought patterns which lead to unauthentic behaviors and choices. Staying at my job or in a relationship longer than I should have, saying yes when I really mean no, fearful of disappointing those who feel I should be following a pre-determined path. Learning to live in the present moment, to see when I am slipping back into old, outdated, false thought processes, I am able to make shifts to correct my thinking right then. Understanding this and Being mindful of these patterns has allowed me to live with more passion, confidence, and have great hope for the future.

In my search and rediscovery (because I believe we knew who we were when we were young) of who I AM and why I AM here, I finally understood that the life I want to live could only be designed by me. This mindset shift is what I needed to ignite the fire in me. No more self-sabotage. Second guessing myself.  Resisting. Looking for approval or validation from everyone else. Thankfully after deciding to hire a life coach for myself, I now have the tools and tribe to support me as I manage that all too familiar heaviness that I feel when I am not living my truth. This shift has allowed me to stay centered and trust that voice. Now I am in my FLOW, my Soul is awakening, and my spirit is on FIRE. 

With this clarity, I know what I have been called here to do. I love bringing people together, but now my Why has become clearer. I provide safe spaces for people who are ready and committed to making real and sustainable changes in their lives, so they can be more authentically connected to themselves, each other, and the world. I craft events, journeys, experiences that inspire other souls to awaken and rediscover who they truly are and their purpose. My favorite thing about what I am here to do is to be a living testament to what can be done when we get real with ourselves. When we make that decision to be free just to BE who we are, every day and in every area of our lives. When I can provide support to others to get untangled in the webs that they unconsciously created, that brings me joy. I AM a connector, and I love connecting people to themselves, others, the world!

Me today!

I am love. I am here in this lifetime to give and receive love.

I couldn't help others be honest with themselves if I wasn't doing the same. As I continue to heal and BE in my design self, continually needing to be mindful of my old thought patterns, I work with others to help them do the same by following the BEprinting™ methodology developed by the Evók Life by Design team.  Once I found out they were offering a certification program, I immediately signed up as I wanted to share this with as many people as possible. To help others get clear and discover why they are where they are today, focus on what they want life to feel, smell, look, BE and then help them Design that life. That’s my passion.

Today, I wake up, rain or shine with a sense of sincere gratitude, joy, and excitement. I know as I stay in alignment to my purpose and BE faithful, this life is going to continue its magical path. We have a choice to live our lives as positively, consciously, and authentically as possible by always being a student, a teacher, and spreading love.

I love my family, friends, long walks by the river, anything from Prince, candles, Lenny Kravitz with Jason Momoa a close 2nd (both Lisa Bonet's men), any bookstore, and meeting new people. 

The most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.”

Marianne Williamson 

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Photo Credit Teresa Epps

Photo Credit Teresa Epps

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