Denise uses a spirit, mind, and body holistic approach when creating events, travel journeys, and in life and career consulting with the end goal of inspiring other souls to awaken and rediscover who they truly are and why they are here.


"Before my life coaching sessions started with Denise, I was in a prison of my mind and a vicious cycle of self-sabotage. Unsure of my next moves and what the purpose of my life was, I scheduled a, and from that point forward, it was magic. Lots of work but pure magic. She will give you the tools you need to succeed and be along your side filling you with inspiration the whole way through. You will leave her feeling empowered and fierce. Not only did I gain clarity on my goals but also gained a lifelong mentor. I can't recommend her services enough." 

 - Portia G.

"I had the opportunity to participate in a men's group event that Denise put on, and it was a positive and fulfilling experience for me. Denise has a genuine heart and passion for her work." 

- Brian C.

“Denise Ransom has a gift, and we are fortunate that she is so willing to share it. She has a great ability to connect people and lovingly makes us all a little better. I have attended many of her events, with the last one being resort spa day which was just what and need. It was even a spiritual experience.”

- Ron S

“As African American men some of us are raised to be strong and unemotional. So when I was invited by Denise to attend a small workshop with men only, I was a little hesitant because I didn't know what to expect. 

After meeting with the other men and hearing their thoughts, beliefs, fears, and frustrations, I didn't feel so alone anymore.  I felt strong, unified, and supported. It is hard to explain, but I felt lighter like a large weight had been lifted from me. 

This was needed and looking forward to more if it. A way for us as men to share, learn and assist one another so that we never have to feel alone."

- Roland D. 

“When Denise Ransom and I met, it felt like meeting a sister. She spoke my language, understood my experiences, saw my perspective and helped me expand. With no judgements, she has supported me through the process of really knowing myself.”

- Kristin P.

“Denise Ransom has been a game changer for our Divas participating in our Dignity for Divas job training series hosted at Microsoft. Her knowledge and ability to connect with our group has been life changing.  Denise brings a refreshing positive approach to re-entering the workforce and bringing out the confidence needed for our Divas to move forward towards a new career path.”

- Nioka G. Founder of Dignity For Divas

“I am very health conscious individual and heard about meditation and the associated health benefits for years be but I never delved into it for some reason. Along comes Denise and not only does she reintroduce me to meditation but explains many of the true benefits on a much deeper level. Here I am years later a devoted meditator and reaping all of the wonderful health benefits from it. I cannot express how truly grateful I am for Denise opening my eyes to one of life’s extraordinary gifts.”

- Elijah J.